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The Glass Counter(aka What's New) 10/31/2013, 31/10/2013:

Can you believe that it has already been FIVE years since we opened shop?!? Half a decade of horror fans eating pie... guess it was a good idea to lace the crust with supernatural ingredients to capitvate it's eaters. Mmmmmmm... eye of newt....

We wanted to unveil something big tonight but sometimes the best dishes take longer to prepare and bake (like Grandma used to make) so one of our master pie bakers, Limey has cooked up some tasty pasteries to hold you over...

First, he finally unwraps one of his Christmas gifts from Yankee which turned out to be a real Shocker! And then he opens your appetite with the strong stench... er... aroma of Reeker! Happy Halloween you ghoulish pie eaters!!!!!

6/28/2013, 28/6/2013:

We're cleaning out our attics for the next couple of updates and tossing in some freshness where we can because we just love all the attention! This time, the Yankee has decided to share what he got this past Christmas from his ol' chum, the Limey. First, he takes a shot in the dark with his review of The Descent. Next, he adopts a review of one of the Limey's favorites, The Stepfather. And finally, as a gift to himself, the Yankee revisits his childhood trauma by reviewing The Exorcist. It's all jolly good, even in June!!

6/7/2013, 7/6/2013:

Hope you've been enjoying 2013 so far! As we approach one of the major movie seasons of the year, the boys have decided to bake up some goodies for you to enjoy! Yankee whipped up a review of the Evil Dead (2013) remake with all it's ooey gooey red pie filling... Limey turned out a double layer sweet pie consisting of The Hitcher and The Hitcher II. If that doesn't send you into a diabetic coma, then stay tuned for more in the coming months ahead...

10/31/2012, 31/10/2012:

Happy Halloween to all of our ghastly friends out there! We've cut up... some pie to put into your trick-or-treat bags.

Limey carved out a review of the new Ethan Hawke thriller: Sinister that's sure to haunt your soul....

Yankee fell off the deep end and not only reviewed Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers, but also the Producer's Cut of the same film all in one plate of Thorn-y pie! He may never be the same again! Hopefully some therapy and lots of popcorn balls willl have him back to us by Christmas.... Scare you later!

12/25/2011, 25/12/2011:

Ho... ho... ho... Hey! Watch the way you talk about my...oh wait, it's that time of year again isn't it? It's no wonder I was woken out of hibernation to bring you this holiday update!

Yankee was extra naughty this year, so he was made to review Christmas Evil. I wouldn't drink any egg nog til after he cools off about it...

Limey recalls that Christmas is very much a family affair and what can be more precious than the love of a mother? How about you go read his review of Psycho III and find out for yourself?

And finally, Yankee warms himself by the high school fire... er, the yule log as he reviews the ultra classic Carrie.

Yank-Lime Pie would like to wish(curse) everyone the warmest (from all the fresh blood) holiday(massacre) this year and look forward to sharing(sleighing) more with you in 2012!

10/31/2011, 31/10/2011:

Happy Halloween... er.. third anniversary... er..... yeah, another update... we are happy to have you at our sermon on this most sacred of holidays....

First the Limey calls mass to preach on his review of the classic Scream! Next, he delves deeper into biblical bliss with words about Horsemen. Then, the Yankee opens up The Gate to see who gets let in. Finally, those that are left can wander with the Yankee in The Woods.

A dish will be passed around later for your donations and kindness.... Hallelujah!

2/14/2011, 14/2/2011:

It's Valentine's Day again, which it's means time to open ours hearts... and let all the blood flow out.....

The Yankee shows his sensitive side in his review of the 1990s psycho thriller: The Crush. Have a heart and read it now....


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