Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers
aka Halloween 4

"Ten Years Ago HE Changed the Face of Halloween. Tonight HE'S BACK!"
Rated: R/18
US Box Office Revenue: $17,768,757
International Box Office Revenue: $?,???,???

Director – Dwight H. Little
Writers(Story) – Danny Lipsius & Larry Rattner

Donald Pleasence – Dr. Sam Loomis
Danielle Harris – Jamie Lloyd
George P. Wilbur – Michael Myers
Ellie Cornell - Rachel Carruthers

6½ Pies

Reviewed by Yankee

Plot Summary

Ten years after the night that made him the most famous serial killer, Michael Meyers awakens from his coma after overhearing of the existence of his seven-year-old niece Jaime Lloyd (Laurie Strode’s daughter)


My friends and I nearly shit a golden brick when heard that a new Halloween movie was out and that it featured Michael Meyers! We were finally going to get what we really wanted from this franchise and our mouths watered in anticipation of seeing this when it hit video stores.

In our minds, this movie was the franchise’s redemption after the treatment we received with Halloween III. It was also cool because our favorite horror movie series went from being an old dead franchise, to a current one that was fresh and full of life (death?).

One thing that is both a plus and a minus about this film is that it borrows heavily from the formula of the first film. This is great in terms of nostalgia. The problem is that it’s easier to dismiss it as just another slasher that looks like other slashers that look like the first Halloween. The saving grace here is that they greatly emphasised the elements that worked in the first movie and showed that it still works a decade later.


Dr. Samuel Loomis: You talk about him as if he were a human being. That part of him died years ago.

Sheriff Ben Meeker: I got a town full of beer bellies running around in the dark with shot guns! Who's gonna be next?

Dr. Samuel Loomis: We're not talking about any ordinary prisoner, Hoffman! We are talking about evil on two legs.

Security Guard: Jesus ain't got nothin' to do with this place!

Review Extras:

Kill Count (estimated): 17 (Michael Tally (estimated): 31 Series Tally (estimated): 37)
Resurrections: 1 (Series Tally: 6)
Coolest Kill/Gore: A “beer belly” has his head twisted and neck ripped open, losing much blood.
Homage: Michael’s niece is named “Jamie”, a clear tribute to the actress who played Laurie Strode: Jamie Lee Curtis.


Originality: ½ Pie

Most people don’t know that John Carpenter himself had written a treatment for this movie that was more of a ghostly/psychological tale that dealt with the effect Michael had on the town of Haddonfield. The producers wanted to return the series to its slasher roots, rejected Carpenter’s script and so Carpenter decided then and there to just wash his hands of the whole franchise. Although I’m a bigger fan of slashers, I would have been very interested in seeing the movie done Carpenter’s way.

Although the themes borrow heavily from the first two films, there are some unique ideas and takes on it. Still, for the most part it IS just another story about an unkillable madman coming home to murder a relative and disrupting an entire town out of the deal. It’s not a total wash though, the twist ending saves a lot of face and helps bring the series full circle, leaving lots of room for the future.


Spook Factor: ¼ Pie

Alas, poor Michael; while still a force to be reckoned with, he’s just not offering the scares that he once did. The problem here, like with most horror series is that once the audience knows what’s going on, the monster basically loses all that made him scary and he becomes predictable. There is no mystery here (unless you count how quickly Michael sneaked under the truck), no reason to fear the unknown and thus no reason to fear Michael. I’m even having trouble recalling any startling moments in the film.


Antagonist: 1 Pie

True to form of what he was like in Halloween II, Michael Myers showed that you don’t want to be on his hit list! From his timely escape upon hearing about his niece to the way he single handily sabotaged the entire town; Michael was very calculating and insightful. He remembered the things that went wrong ten years ago and thus became a better villain for it!


Story: ¾ Pie

Although the main story is mostly a cookie cutter version of the first two films strung together (giving it a lower score for Originality), it gets lots of props for developing into other areas such as the maddening effect Michael has had on Dr. Loomis, the lingering paranoia in Haddonfield, the special connection between Michael and Jamie and a twist ending that you dare not read up on until after you have seen this movie for yourself!


Acting: ¾ Pie

It wasn’t a surprise at all that Donald Pleasance would slip back into his role of Dr. Loomis like an old glove. His performance here (and in the remaining sequels that he’s in) is legendary. The supporting cast also need a round of kudos, especially one young Danielle Harris who successfully becomes a new favourite heroine in the franchise.


Directing: ½ Pie

This one is a little tough. While a lot of the scenes are pretty, perfectly lit and for the most part well executed, there are so many continuity errors and mistakes that it’s just hard to forgive. Again, one saving grace is how well shot the final scene in the movie is. If the entire film could have been given that kind of attention, we would have a clear winner.


Soundtrack: ½ Pie

While the music here is undoubtedly perfect for the mood (rehashed from the original), the villain (rehashed from the original) and sense of gloom among the townsfolk (rehashed from the original), it is just a repeat (rehashed from the original) of what Carpenter laid down before us (rehashed from the original). Hmmm, what’s Yankee trying to say?


Special Effects: ¾ Pie

Finally after four movies, Halloween finally gets it right! The right balance of stunts, visual effects and gore that Halloween II tried to accomplish without making it look stupid to those paying attention! This isn’t rocket science here people! A classic horror movie doesn’t need to compete with sci-fi (Halloween III) to look good.


Gore: ½ Pie

It is bloodier then the original; not as creative as second movie; but not cheesy like the third movie. This isn’t a bad thing, really.


Replay, Rewatch, Rewind: 1 Pie

Maybe I’m just crazy, but I have a great time watching this movie. The story carries you on well enough, the deaths are pretty cool, the acting is really good and there is some eye candy to boot. Despite a sore lack of nudity, I have no trouble watching this every year when it runs during October marathons.



A good return to form for my favorite slasher. A memorable cast. A movie that borrows the better elements of the first two films and a great ending that you just didn’t see coming.


Rehashed concepts, Carpenter’s initial idea being dumped and once again, no Laurie Strode!


Final Word

I hope from the critical eye I had turned on some of these categories that you were not lead to believe that I did not like this film. I actually like it quite a bit. This movie helped strengthen my love for this series and solidified a bond my friends and I shared for slasher horror. If you haven’t seen this already, but saw the first two, go get it now! If you’ve seen it before, go see it again, damn it!

You can't kill damnation, Mister. It don't die like a man dies!

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