Halloween II (2009)
aka Rob Zombie’s Halloween II

"Family is Forever"
Rated: R/18
US Box Office Revenue: $33,386,128
International Box Office Revenue: $5,119,877

Director – Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie
John Carpenter (characters)
Debra Hill (characters)


Malcolm McDowell – Dr. Samuel Loomis
Scout Taylor-Compton – Laurie Strode
Tyler Mane – Michael Myers
Chase Wright Vanek – Young Michael Myers
Sherri Moon Zombie – Deborah Myers
Brad Dourif – Sheriff Lee Brackett

5½ Pies

Reviewed by Limey

Plot Summary

Laurie Strode may have survived the night of terror caused by the return of Michael Myers but one year on, is the nightmare only just beginning?


I am at a loss for words.

I went into this film fully expecting to dislike it. My affection for Michael Myers meant that not watching it was unfortunately not an option but after the dismal Halloween remake, I did not see how its sequel could be anything but just as disappointing and painful an experience.

However, I am at a loss for words because it was actually a much better film.

Oh, there are problems, big problems, and it may be that when all is said and done the scores below will not be much different to those given to the first film. However, that does not take away from the fact that everything came together to create what is in many ways a much more entertaining and accomplished movie.

That may be down to reports that Rob Zombie was given free reign on this one. Now, while I have never personally been a fan of his, a film is always going to better when the writer/director is allowed to approach the material in his own way rather than being tied down by the rules set by films made before it.

With that said, all the flaws of the first film are still present. There is no point in going over them all again, but the dialogue in particular is terrible, especially when Laurie is with her work mates. It screams of someone (possibly named Rob) trying to be hip and completely failing in the endeavour.

So, do not take any of the above to mean that you should go out of your way to see this movie or that it was worth making but rather that as the credits rolled I did not completely hate the film, something I never could have predicted, and I…

I am at a loss for words.


Dr. Samuel Loomis: Michael Myers is fucking dead!

Coroner Hooks: Six guys to lift one stiff. That's one for the books.


Originality: ½ Pie

Honestly, almost everything is ripped from either previous films in the Halloween series or the slasher genre at large but the mother angle is played a little differently than usual so for that it gets a nod.


Spook Factor: ½ Pie

Much like the Halloween remake, this film is more about brutality than making you jump. It is horrific and blood thirsty, but it never truly pulled me in – apart from, that is, the scene when Michael catches up with Annie Brackett. It was the most effective and scary scene in the entire movie and was completely different to everything that came before and afterwards.


Antagonist: ½ Pie

The Michael Myers we meet in this movie is a very angry and very violent individual but he is no longer the Shape. In real life, I would not want this guy on my tail, but as a film character he is not as scary and mysterious as he once was. That is at least partly due to how much we know about him now, and that he is just another murderous mummy's boy is a little disappointing.


Story: ¼ Pie

I'm sorry, but there isn't one. Michael Myers hallucinating and killing random people, occasionally ripping off the previous films and building towards revelations everyone already knows about (again, from the previous films) is not a story.

I also have to ask – what in the blue hell have they done to Dr. Loomis? Despite what I said earlier, perhaps Zombie had just a touch too much freedom if he was allowed to turn Samuel Loomis into a self serving, money grabbing, possible woman beater who is entirely superfluous to the miniscule plot.


Acting: ¾ Pie

There were some bad performances among the bit parts but Scout Taylor-Compton and Danielle Harris have both improved, which is a good thing. Meanwhile, the two Michaels were strong, Brad Dourif was as good as he always is, and Malcolm McDowell and Mrs. Zombie were fine at the little they were asked to do.


Directing: ½ Pie

The directing was much better than in the first film, with several clever and artistic shots sprinkled throughout the film. It would have been even better had the whole thing been directed in a style similar to that when Michael catches up with Annie.


Soundtrack: ¾ Pie

Yet another area in which the sequel surpasses the Halloween remake. The original score wipes the floor with that of the 2007 movie while the classic John Carpenter theme is used much more wisely this time out.


Special Effects: ¾ Pie

The film was very darkly shot, so while you always knew what was happening to the characters, it was sometimes hard to make out how well done the effects were. From where I was sitting, though, the crushed skulls looked like crushed skulls.


Gore: ¾ Pie

As has been said a couple of times, Michael is seriously annoyed about something in this movie and he takes it out on practically everyone that crosses his path. There are no subtle deaths in this one – he literally beats them to a pulp. Still, you never really see anything up close and personal so it was more about the violence than gore.


Replay, Rewatch, Rewind: ½ Pie

By myself, it is doubtful, but with a friend during a movie marathon? Sure, why not?



Better acting, music and direction than Halloween (2007).


The lack of plot, terrible dialogue, and an absolutely horrible spin on the character of Dr. Loomis.


Final Word

So in the end, Halloween II has scored higher than the first film. If you were to break it down even more than we already do, you would find all the negatives that pervaded the 2007 film, but when looked at as a whole it works much better. That is because this time, they are Rob Zombie flaws in a Rob Zombie film, which results in a stronger picture than when he was aping John Carpenter.

Nightmares are chewing at my head again…

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